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We are open for in person worship as well as continuing Zoom worship for those that cannot attend in person.

Welcome Home!
Whether you've lived here a day or your whole life,
the Austin Community of Christ is a place you can call home.


Who Are We?
We are a congregation of the Community of Christ.

We are part of a worldwide church. Our members live and minister in more than 60 nations.  We proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, peace and love. Christ's Mission is our mission!

What Do We Believe?

We believe that ALL people are of worth.

Jesus Christ is at the center of our faith and beliefs.

Our basic beliefs are not the last word, but an invitation to further explore your own faith and discipleship.

We are located at 
2132 Bluebonnet Lane
Austin, TX
Scroll down for map link.


Pride Heart_edited.png
Sunday Schedule
9:00-9;30 am-Food for Friendship
10:45-11:00-Good News, Prayer Requests and Announcements
We share Communion the 1st Sunday of every month.
All who believe in Jesus Christ, whether they are members of Community of Christ or not, are welcome at the Communion table. 
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